Hi, I’m Emily 👋 – I go by ‘she/her’ pronouns.

I’m a web developer who is currently looking for a new team to work alongside. For four+ years (2015-19) I worked with the folks at Hypenotic.

In university, I double-majored in psychology and English – I’m always thinking about the stories behind people’s behaviour. While I’ve mainly honed my coding skills over the past few years, I’m also interested in learning more about research.

Here’s what I think about when looking for people to work alongside. Sound like you or have questions? Let’s chat.

Want to know what I’m focused on now? Check here.

Coding Toolbox

Vue.js • Vuex • NuxtJS • React • Redux • HTML • CSS • JavaScript • Git • WordPress • PHP • MySQL • MongoDB • Mongoose • REST + GraphQL API consumption + creation • Node.js • Express • NGINX • Apache • PM2

The Link Shelf

A ‘shelf’ (it used to look like one) of links leading to content that has stirred up a reaction. Hope, sadness, anger, curiosity, gratitude, unabashed joy, etc. Enjoy!

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