In daily conversation, variations on the question “What are you up to?” come up a lot. The concept of a /now page, created by Derek Sivers, is to share what you’re focused on at this point in your life.

Sharing developing ideas and goals helps me externalize my priorities and commit/be held accountable to them. But I’m also hoping this page helps me connect with like-minded people.

Quarantining somewhere in Ontario, Canada. I’m currently looking for a new team to join. COVID-19 escalated while I was interviewing and, like for many folks, positions were put on hold. I’m in the privileged position to be able to stay afloat and wait for a solid fit. So, I’m waiting and looking.

I just rejigged this site (old v4.0), and added a few sections:

  • /records – writing, book notes, music
  • /now – this page you’re currently reading
  • /about/fit – what I think about when deciding what to work on and who to work with

This all goes back to the concept of externalization, and exploring ways to articulate evolving ideas.


I’ve focused on front-end development in my coding career thus far, with a specialization in WordPress and Vue.js. I wanted to learn more about other frameworks and the full-stack of development, so I recently completed Udemy courses on React + Redux (1, 2), and NodeJS (incl. MVC, REST APIs, GraphQL). Currently, doing a course on Microservices with Node JS and React.

I just completed an online course called “Social Work Practice: Advocating Social Justice and Change“. It’s via The University of Michigan on edX. One of the ‘possibles selves’ I’ve conjured up during my lifetime works in the social work realm. So, why not? I feel like there’s so much to learn from this space.

I’m really interested in how I can blend and apply my coding and research background in the social work field.


Last updated: Jul 23, 2020


Thinking in Systems: A Primer

Donella H. Meadows

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