Jul 7, 2020

Re: Offscreen, Issue 23

For those of you who've interacted with myself in-person or via content on the interwebs, you probably know that I'm a fan of the indie magazine Offscreen.

In February, I sent Kai Brach (Offscreen's Editor) an email telling him how Offscreen has impacted my viewpoint throughout the years I've been a reader. He's always been engaged and receptive with his responses, and ended up asking if I was interested in contributing to the issue's "Ten Thing I've Learned" section – essentially I list ten lessons I've learned by working in tech.

To be honest, I was a bit hesitant because:

  • this was coming from a publication I really respected
  • imposter syndrome.


  • I was chuffed at even being asked and had faith in Kai's decision
  • wanted to work on externalizing some of my thoughts (it's one of the skills I'm working on)
  • accepted my discomfort and worked past this bout of impostor syndrome.

The entire experience was really collaborative, and all the feedback from Kai was such a help. The entire issue is illustrated by Agnes Lee because of COVID-19's impact on physical human interaction (incl. photoshoots), but the result is a piece of work that's really lovely.

I feel like Kai's always been sensitive to the way Offscreen reflects and speaks to societal issues, which is why I respect his note on Offscreen's lack of diversity.

As humans we make mistakes. But we can also acknowledge, learn, and shift our behaviour and actions. We try to grow together.

Congrats to Kai and the Offscreen team on another issue!

You can purchase the issue and previous ones here.

Image of the issue's cover. It's a blue, monochromatic cover with an illustration of one of the interviewees.
Offscreen's Issue 23 cover. Illustration by Agnes Lee.

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