When Breath Becomes Air

Paul Kalanithi

Finished Reading:
Jul 19, 2019

Edition Publisher:
Random House

Edition Release:
Jan 12, 2016

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ISBN 9780812988406

Highlights & Annotations

Whitman’s “psychological-spiritual man” (40)

Book rec – How We Die by Nuland (52)

“I came to believe that it is irresponsible to be more precise than you can be accurate” (95)

“Acquiring rich experiences, then retreating to cogitate and write about them.” re: importance of reflection (149)

“Moral duty has weight, things that have weight have gravity…” (151)

“In the end, it cannot be doubted that each of us can see only a part of the picture. The doctor sees one, the patient another, the engineer of third, the economist a fourth, the pearl diver a fifth, the alcoholic a sixth, the cable guy a seventh, the sheep farmer an eighth, the Indian beggar a ninth, the pastor a tenth. Human knowledge is never contained in one person. It grows from the relationships we create between each other and the world, and still it is never complete.” (172)

“We all inhabit different selves in space and time.” (221)