The Manual: Issue 4

Liz Danzico

Finished Reading:
Oct 24, 2019

Edition Publisher:
Andy McMillan

Edition Release:
May 29, 2014

Highlights & Annotations

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“The best we can do – the most important things we can do – is to cultivate awareness of the rules we inhabit.” – Craig Mod (22)

“There are no dream jobs. There is work that is worth your time, and work that isn’t. You’ll never be sure which is which, so there are only two ways to do the work in front of you: the right way or not at all.” – Wilson Miner (40)

“Needs are holes; they’re hard to talk about. Before you can put words to your needs, you have to learn to see negative space.” – Diana Kimball (46)

“The year I met Jane was a hard one. A sudden death in my family has thrown me, just after I'd started a new job in a new city. Through 12 months of self-doubt, I spent a lot of time reading on the topic of ‘how to be a person’ – very much the genre book I finished that fated morning on the train to work. When it occurred to me to send the book to my forner professor and ask him to pass it along, I creativity and generosity of the idea came as a surprise. Creativity meant my imagination was working again; generosity meant I felt strong enough to help others. Being there for Jane was a significant step in my own recovery. What I needed was to get outside of myself.

Not every mentor arrives at a willingness to help out of a desire to mend. Just as often, the ease and joy of mattering carries a day. Sometimes, the urge to be inspired by someone else’s aspirational energy comes into play. There are countless needs that mentoring can meet. The important thing is to make sure at least one need is alive in you, and to at least try to give it a name.” – Diana Kimball (48)

“When you learn nothing about why something succeeds, you don’t get to reapply those learnings in future work. And more importantly, the more your product succeeds without your understanding why, the more likely it is that something will break without your knowledge.” – David Cole (75)