The Manual: Issue 2

Carolyn Wood

Finished Reading:
Oct 19, 2019

Edition Publisher:
Andy McMillan

Edition Release:

Highlights & Annotations

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“I take snippets of language, and they become part of my design’s native tongue. Whether from history or art or comedy or film or science, they will help lend contrast and expose me to new ways of solving problems, expressing answers, and thus speaking to the world. 

Design is artfully realized communication. Style alone is merely an elegant fool, an eloquent speaker of meaningless words, perfectly pronouncing broken sentences. 

Artists, designers, filmmakers, writers, and others have noted throughout the centuries that our work is replete with the homage, the remix, the redesign, the intentional or subconscious appropriation, the impact of all that surrounds us or that we unearth in our days. Then why not cast our intellectual and experiential nets wide – and wider still? If the design process coalesces these influences to provide novel solutions, then it's only logical to look outside of design as much as possible. The richness of our studies takes our ability to communicate to an entirely new level where we can speak in multi-leveled ways, reaching the minds, the hearts of those who look and experience.” (9-10)

“I now know that it is through love and passion and happiness that anything of worth is brought into being. A fulfilled and accomplished life of good relationships and craftsmanship is how I will earn my keep.” (11)

“We may set our aim on dazzling the very consumers who already have too many options. But sometimes it's a boring old and sexy technology that can reach people in new ways, make something out of nothing, make a thunderously transformative difference in people's lives.” (36)

  • Using old, well-known tech in new ways