HBR's 10 Must Reads on Mental Toughness

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Finished Reading:
Feb 7, 2019

Edition Publisher:
Harvard Business Review Press

Edition Release:
Jan 9, 2018

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ISBN 9781633694361

Highlights & Annotations

Experience the dissonance of cultures (15)

  • “...even if you’re sitting in the same room, ostensibly agreeing...unless you understand the frame of reference, you’re probably missing a bunch of what’s going on.”

Re: stigmas of cultural differences (15)

  • “...emerged stronger, more focused, and more determined to change the status quo that excluded her.”

Four essential skills for great leadership (23)

  • Engage others in shared meaning
  • Distinctive and compelling voice
  • Sense of integrity – strong set of values
  • Adaptive capacity – transcendence of adversity – most critical

Icebergs (33)

  • Deeply held beliefs
  • You have to keep checking yourself to examine if it is actually meaningful  

Re: left hemisphere pattern recognition (46)

  • Challenge your existing mindset – enlarge it and make it more complex
  • Listen to different viewpoints
  • “Make a consistent, ongoing commitment to immersing yourself in new systems and ways of thinking. It cannot be an occasional event, because the point is to expose yourself to a variety of cases and situations that cumulatively encode rich experience in your brain.”

Re: being receptive to novelty and innovation (51)

  • Challenge convention, policy and practice
  • Draw talent out of traditional silos and across boundaries
  • Have a beginner’s mindset – step back from prior knowledge and existing conventions so you can start over and create new options

Re: reflecting when trying to make your next career move (93)

  • Think through goals 
  • Create themes for next job

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