How to Develop Emotional Health: The School of Life

Oliver James

Finished Reading:
Feb 23, 2019

Edition Publisher:
Pan Macmillan

Edition Release:
Apr 1, 2015

Purchase Search via DuckDuckGo:
ISBN 9780230771710

Highlights & Annotations


  • “Having the insight to identify the early patterns that reduce emotional health, and building on the ones which amplify it, are the main routes to emotional health.” (11)
  • “...if pathology can cascade down the generations, so can emotional health” (12)
  • “We are the veils that veil us from ourselves. We have a huge loyalty to that veil, because it came from our parents and all too often, grandparents and great-grandparents.” (25)

Authenticity in Our Careers

  • “...people with intrinsic motives and goals have been shown to seek intellectual fulfilment, creative self-expression and a sense of mastery in completing tasks.” (93)

Death exercise (122)

  • Imagine you’ve died and people are yelling at you in your grave
  • What you would hate to be remembered by

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