Maria Popova

Finished Reading:
Feb 28, 2020

Edition Publisher:
Pantheon Books

Edition Release:
Feb 5, 2019

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ISBN 9781524748135

Highlights & Annotations

Note: Incomplete highlights...more coming.

Kepler re: staying in the clergy: “I could never torture myself with greater unrest and anxiety than if I now, in my present state of conscience, should be enclosed in that sphere of activity.” (10)

  • Knowing what I know now, the greatest pain and anxiety would be to stay in that environment → how I feel now (May 26th 2019); my inner voice at rest during Japan retreat

“How many revolutions does the cog of culture make before a new truth about reality catches into gear?” (10) Beautiful image.

“‘I was born a man, not a woman,’ he writes, ‘a difference in sex which the astrologers seek in vain in the heavens.’ The difference between the fate of the sexes, Kepler suggests, is not in the heavens but in the earthly construction of gender as a function of culture. It was not his mother’s nature that made her ignorant, but the consequences of her social standing in a world that rendered its opportunities for intellectual illumination and self-actualization as fixed as the stars.” (27)

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