Crying in H Mart

Michelle Zauner

Finished Reading:
May 1, 2021

Edition Publisher:
Knopf Publishing Group

Edition Release:
Apr 20, 2021

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ISBN 9780525657743

Highlights & Annotations

On proverbs from the author's mother:
"Some of the earliest memories I can recall are of my mother instructing me to always 'save ten percent of yourself.' What she meant was that, no matter how much you thought you loved someone, or thought they loved you, you never gave all of yourself. Save 10 percent, always, so there was something to fall back on. 'Even from Daddy, I save,' she would add." (18)

"...I remembered how when I was a child I would slip my cold feet between my mother's thighs to warm them. How she'd shiver and whisper that she would always suffer to bring me comfort, that that was how you knew someone really loved you." (86)